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The Art Mediatravel festival be directed to creators of film, the photo of, radio, of internetu and the press. Then the medias - according to creators of festival they - become the creators of reality. organizers place question, which important - according to medias, why is? What men their's problems interest, what subjects one should move, in order to attract attention?

Year in Kirgistanie
Explore karakorum
Small and great Tibet
Nanda Devu East
Turkmenistan - in hell Punishment - Chum
Eastern motive in Lodz
Hitch - hikes and bicycle to paradise
Apart from route
Siberian winter
Bicycle by Tibet
How this is from this Burma
Vietnam - there and with return
In search contradiction

Waiting on Herhora. Uncovering the secrets of Teb.
Book begins from test of answer on question,
why so great Egyptian civilization became
forgotten entirely and she had to be open again.

If the presumptions will confirm suggested by
accomplished on space several years of find, then
to be maybe we will be the witnesses of discovery
of tomb pharaoh the Amenhotep I, later the by high-priest
the Herhor. She would be this the the largest
archaeological sensation of world

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